Tomino on Toast – aka crostini of capers, pesto and Piedmontese cheese

This is a quick, but unusual, version of crostini (or…are this bruschette? See What’s The Difference Between Bruschette and Crostini) mixing pesto and capers with mini tomino cheese. They are great to nibble with a little Tio Pepe en rama, and a good sunset!

The Chief Taster was chomping at the bit, so I didn’t grill the cheese, and it was excellent.

Tomino is a cows’ milk cheese from Piedmont, which, a bit like halloumi, is really made for grilling. So if you are not in a tearing hurry grilling renders a very tasty variation – everyone needs to be immediately to hand though. Bang the gong, then get going grilling.

More details on Tomino in a future post. Most supermarkets will sell it.


Recipe for crostini of capers, pesto and Piedmontese cheese


Makes about twelve


  • 120g/4 oz mini Tomino (this will be about four pieces)
  • 1 small diameter baguette which can be cut into twelve slices
  • Peppery olive oil
  • 4 tbsps fresh pesto
  • 2 tbsps capers – not the type in brine – rinse salted capers well and use those


  1. If you are going to grill the cheese, get your grill going on high.
  2. Cut the baguette into twelve thinnish slices.
  3. Lay them out on the grill pan, and drizzle over some olive oil.
  4. When just golden, turn, scrape over some pesto and a bit more olive oil, and top each slice with a third of a piece of Tomino.
  5. Grill for a couple of minutes.
  6. Distribute the rest of the pesto between the bruschetta, and then distribute the capers.
  7. Serve with your pre-prandial.



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