What to do with leftover red wine

It’s very unusual to have leftover red wine in the Saucy Dressings’ household – in much the same way that leftover chocolate is fairly non-existent – but it does happen!

If the wine is lucky enough still to be in the bottle you can save it for drinking by using a Vacu vin wine saver. Effectively, this is a pump which extracts the air from the bottle, and reseals the bottle with a rubber cork. By taking out the air you slow down the oxidation process. For best results you will have to force yourself to drink the wine within a couple of days, max. Quite hard.

what to do with leftover wine
The vacu vin wine saver – Vacu vin are the market leader, but there are many other manufacturers.

If the wine has already found its way into glasses the thing to do is to find a glass vessel just big enough for it (a large wine glass is often what I use) and cover with clingfilm. Some people say that putting it in the fridge will slow down the oxidation process, but by the time it’s reached the glass it’s past hope really, from a drinking point of view and reducing the temperature or keeping it away from light isn’t going to make a great deal of difference….but it might help.

The only solution is to use it for cooking.

Here are some ideas. You can:

Additionally, almost anything which includes red or rosé vermouth, or a sweet wine – port, madeira, or mulled – can use leftover red wine plus a little soft brown sugar as a substitute.

What does not work with red wine, although many say it does: eggs – poaching or frying. They look limp and dirty, wholly unappetising.

about the wine from Burgundy

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