‘Souper’ Asparagus Soufflé

“What did that chef teach you that you had not learned at the Cordon Bleu?’ ‘Soufflés.’ Hebe remembered Hippolyte. ‘You laugh, you relax, you enjoy, you rise, light, generous, delicious, ready for a second helping.’ ‘He taught me how to make soufflés,’ she said gravely.”

Mary Wesley, Harnessing Peacocks

Don’t aspire for perfection in terms of looks with this dish – as you can see from the image to the side below, I don’t! I follow the  Nigel Slater constructive approach,

“don’t worry if your soufflés don’t rise perfectly all the way round like some whizz-kid chef’s. Yours may rise more on one side than the other. They may even crack a little on top. Yours will be better than the chef’s perfect version. Yours will have charm. And anyway no one likes a clever Dick.”

Contrary to what you might think this soufflé is surprisingly robust. I once cooked it for some returning skiers. Only their return was delayed when the lift broke down. I turned down the oven to 80°C. When they finally turned up, an hour late, yes, the soufflé had lost half of its height and all of its Wow! factor but it still tasted wonderful.

You can experiment with any white ‘cream of’ soup – chicken, mushroom, or celery for example. If you make the mushroom version you could garnish each serving with some fried sage leaves.

This asparagus soufflé goes very well with ham, or with leftover gammon and a green salad. Follow this link to a selection of  salads to choose from.

Serve with mustard, or with mustard and oregano fried bread (go to this post to find out how to do that).

asparagus soufflé recipe
Don’t aspire for perfection, a little ‘leaning tower of Pisa’ adds character!
recipe for almost instant souffle
Serve with freshly baked rolls and a green salad.

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