Cucumber salad with miso-tahini dressing

I can’t now remember where the idea of a miso-tahini dressing came from, but essentially those are two of my favourite ingredients. I grew up in Canada so I tend to use maple syrup prolifically in the place of honey (I never use sugar in dressings). I also love lime and ginger… so this dressing is a bouquet of fabulous flavours.

That being the case, and because the flavours aren’t just fabulous but also punchy, fairly and squarely in-your-face this dressing seeks a fairly passive unassuming partner, enter the cucumber. It’s got sort-of-exciting crunch, and a delicate not all that exciting flavour. Having said that, its skin gives a fresh lightness to a glass of water which I really like.

The dressing will keep, covered by a film of oil, for a week or so in the fridge.

Goes well with a plain-ish omelette (maybe with some herbs or feta) and some wholemeal bread.

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