The Secret to Making the Lightest, the Best, Dumplings

“The first course of the eight on the tasting menu was “Lincolnshire poacher dumplings, Tokyo turnip, mushroom, nasturtium”. I had hopeful visions of a big cheesy ball that would sit in the stomach like ballast, but in fact they were smooth little spheres of the most intriguing texture, like something from the dim sum trolley, and bizarrely light.”

Tim Hayward, The Financial Times, in a review of Prévost @ Haycock, February 2022

This is the way to make the most wonderful, light dumplings.

Lightness is achieved by not overworking the dough… a few lumps doesn’t matter, ballast-heavy does. It also helps to steam the dumplings by covering the casserole after you have dropped them into the stew.

The secret ingredient is the Marmite.

An alternative flavour with a bit more kick, especially good with a beef stew, is horseradish (a tablespoon of grated horseradish could go into the amounts below).

The blogger, Emiko Davies, makes dumplings with spinach and ricotta.

NB: you can freeze the dumplings

Alternatively, Aunt Bessie’s is a good, ready-made, option.

For a good beef stew recipe using dumplings go here.

If you are really interested in dumplings, Barbara Gallani has written a whole book about them, Dumplings.

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Music to cook to

Your dumplings should be like little fluffy clouds, so it has to be Little Fluffy Clouds, by The Orb.

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