A salad of soft white Gorgonzola, roasted hazelnuts and zucchini

There was a brief period of travel respite between lockdowns, and off we rushed to Sardinia for a much-needed break and change of scene.
We found our old-fashioned, traditional supermarket had been replaced. Our old supermarket was full character, of blue-scarved assistants smiling encouragingly at my out-or-practice Italian and making helpful suggestions: ‘the San Daniele is on special offer this week…’ .

The new supermarket was shiny. It was better laid out. It had glitzy branding.

It didn’t have the same feel at all.

But it did have white Gorgonzola, which was a revelation. White Gorgonzola is not Gorgonzola PDO, which has blue veining. White Gorgonzola is simply a white, creamy cheese made in Gorgonzola, a town not far from Milan. It’s softer, both in taste and texture, than its blue PDO-honoured namesake, a sort of mix between Gorgonzola PDO and burrata. And it’s perfect in this salad. If you can’t find white Gorgonzola, try a mix of blue Gorgonzola PDO and burrata…

Try drinking this with a semi-dry cider.

gorgorzola and courgette salad

Music to chop to

Procol Harem sing A Whiter Shade Of Pale

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