Citrus cake for Jacqui

We made this cake as a birthday cake for a friend, but our senior management team ate most of it by mistake (they said) the day before. This was just as well as, although we loved the mix of the lemon curd and the toasted pinenuts we still thought the whole thing needed further improvements.

Now we think we have this citrusy cake just where we want it, with added orange and Grand Marnier, and the soft, creamy centre.

You’ll need a 23 cm/9” loose-bottomed cake tin.

If you want an alternative to this cake, try Claire Walker’s Really Exceptional Whole Lemon Cake.

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Jacqui Sinnatt

I didn’t think it needed any improvement – it was DELICIOUS! And more than enough left for us to make complete pigs of ourselves! Thank you x Jacqui

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