Jules’ dairy-free dark and delightful cookies

A friend with a dairy allergy came to stay, and we didn’t want her to feel hard done by watching all her fellow guests enjoying all-butter croissants and an overflowing cheeseboard.

So we had guacamole, Kerala Fish Molly, Artemis’ Cypriot stuffed mushrooms, pork tenderloin with braised fennel and butter beans, neolithic meat pie…. and to finish blueberry cake, baked nectarines, and these delightful dark morsels of sweetness.

They were so popular with everyone that I had to warn off the hordes from demolishing the contents of the biscuit tin to ensure the lactose-intolerant one got a look-in. These biscuits use olive oil instead of the usual butter, this not only gives them a rather satisfying crispy-fudgy texture, but my theory is that they keep slightly longer. Not that that is usually a problem!

One important key to success is to find good quality vegan dark chocolate which is not easy. Tony’s Chocolonely is good, as is JustChoc’s.

I think these cookies might also be good with some chopped, toasted pecans added to them.

You could make the dough ahead of time and freeze; or keep in the fridge for a couple of days.

This is what to do:

dairy free dark and delicious cookies
When the surface just begins to crack they will be ready… they should still be gooey inside.
This post is dedicated to Jules Scott-Barrett.
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