Heart of palm slightly salty salad with tomatoes

My daughter loves hearts of palm and I search all the time for ways of serving it up. This salad is a take on the hearts of palm, avocado and orange salad that I’ve already posted with the sweetness of the orange substituted with sweet tomatoes, and a healthy dose of salt contributed by the anchovy fillets, Parmesan and black olives.

I got the original idea from Sally Butcher in Salmagundi: Salads from the Middle East and Beyond – she says it’s from Mauritius, but the Mauritian recipes I’ve found – whilst still using the tomatoes and the Parmesan – use basil instead of coriander; and replace the brightness of the salt with spring onions….

You can prepare a lot of this ahead of time – almost everything except the avocado. The lime juice will help to stop it going brown but once the avocado is cut and added you should aim to serve within an hour or so.

Recipe for heart of palm slightly salty salad with tomatoes

For six

  • 3 x baby gem lettuces
  • 2 tins (220g/8 oz drained weight) of hearts of palm
  • 2 avocados
  • 1 tbsp anchovy paste
  • 50g/½ cup grated Parmesan
  • 4 eggs
  • 50g/½ cup pitted black olives in olive oil (Crespi are best, otherwise go here for how to make your own from horrible tinned)
  • 4 beef tomatoes, cored and cut into cubes
  • A small bunch of either coriander, or basil
  • 4 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed with ½ tsp smoked salt
  • 12 tbsps/¾cup olive oil (or use some of the olive oil from the olives)
  • Juice and zest of two limes
  • 2 tsps grainy mustard
  • ½ tsp Worcestershire sauce (you can get a vegetarian version if you are vegetarian)
  • Grinds of black pepper
  1. Take the eggs out of the fridge – ideally get them to room temperature.
  2. Soft-hard boil the eggs by bringing about six cups of water to the boil, adding in a tsp of salt.
  3. Add the eggs and cook for six and a half minutes. Drain and cover with cold water.
  4. Crack gently, peel back to include the membrane underneath the shell, and, holding the membrane slowly pull off the whole shell – the membrane will hold it together.
  5. Drain the hearts of palm and slice them into coins.
  6. Peel the avocados and, on the same chopping board you used for the hearts of palm, cut them into chunks
  7. Put the avocadoes, hearts of palm, tomatoes, parmesan, the olives, and chopped herb – coriander or basil- into a mixing bowl, Add half the lime juice, and all the zest.  
  8. Make the dressing by mixing the rest of the lime juice, the garlic, the pepper, the mustard, the anchovy paste, and the Worcestershire sauce.
  9. Shred the baby gem, and arrange it around an attractive serving platter.
  10. Empty the salad mix into the middle.
  11. Cut the eggs into quarters, vertically, and arrange artistically.
  12. Pour over the dressing and serve at the table, tossing before handing it over to your guests.

heart of palm salad recipe

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